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The Marathon des Dunes celebrated its 14th birthday and ended with a grand finale to the satisfaction of the greatest number of participants as for previous editions.
Without you, I could not have completed this great adventure unique in ALGERIA and whose success today has greatly exceeded our borders.
I wanted to thank you for the trust you gave me during this first decade which can only encourage me to continue to do everything for new Saharan adventures.
After the magical landscapes of HOGGAR, TAGHIT was perfect to mark the contrast and make you discover a new facet of the Sahara.
The M'Zab which is a world apart, as a challenge and a reproach in a hostile environment, the HOGGAR with this landscape revealing a desert nature that is adorned with the most extraordinary rock forms, it is the SAOURA this time, which will not fail to seduce you for the 15th edition of the Marathon des Dunes.
Already, I think to prepare you a pleasant stay with courses appreciated by our marathoners and sightseeing that will delight everyone.
I hope once again to find you many and I take this opportunity to thank the faithful that I see with pleasure each year and the new ones who, I hope, will also keep a good memory of this adventure and will be part of this small group of veterans always happy to meet.
I therefore give you an appointment for this next edition in TIMIMOUN.