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The 15th Marathon des Dunes 2018 in TIMIMOUN and OULED SAID will be held in accordance with the present regulations which can be consulted at the headquarters of the organization. All competitors agree to abide by this regulation by the mere fact of their registration and release the responsibility of the promoters for any incident or accident that may occur due to non-compliance with this regulation.

Article 01: ADMISSION OF PARTICIPANTS:  To be over 18 years of age. - Not licensed in a club or structured association. - A medical certificate attesting to the ability of the competitor (prolonged and intense effort at altitude) must be completed and returned to the organization with the registration form.

Article 02: GENERAL CLASSIFICATIONS: The individual general classification will be established on all the two stages by adding the occupied places of each stage. Will be declared the winner the competitor having achieved the lowest point number of all stages. The ranking for each stage will be established with the positions taken of each participation. Example:











1st  PLACE












In case of a tie, the winner will be the competitor who in the highest number of stages will have obtained the best rankings. This system will be valid for a tie at any other place in the event. A competitor who has not participated in one of the stages or who has dropped out will be downgraded and will not appear on any general ranking.

Article 03: CLASSIFICATIONS OF AGE CATEGORIES : The age categories are classified for both sexes after the general classification of the two stages as follows:

• 18 to 30 years • 31 to 40 years • 41 to 50 years • 51 to 60 years • 61 years old and over.

Article 04: IDENTIFICATION MARKS BY THE ORGANIZATION: During the administrative and technical controls preceding the start of the event, the organization will provide each competitor with: A numbered bib (wearing on the chest) and will also provide two race cards in paper for each of the two steps. The race card is mandatory at the bottom of the bib with all competitor information. The identification marks provided by the organizers will remain affixed obligatorily on each competitor during all the event period. There will be no bibs delivery on the day of the race.

Article 05: LOCATION RESERVED FOR INDIVIDUAL SPONSORING: Competitors' bibs must be worn on the belly with the advertising completely visible. Apart from the identification marks reserved by the organization for each competitor, the remaining available spaces may be used by the competitor, for example: shorts, socks, running shoes, backpacks. However, the organization reserves the right to prohibit excessive individual sponsorship or in direct competition with advertising partners under the 15th Marathon des Dunes or for reasons that the organization does not have to justify.

Article 06: SCHEDULE OF EVENTS: The stages will take place in the morning with departure at 10:00. A stage will take place in TIMIMOUN, in full nature, in general the ground is flexible, the second stage will take place in OULED SAID, city situated in 20 km of Timimoun.

Article 07: WATER POINTS: The organization is in charge of the supply of water for the two points envisaged at Km 4 and Km 8 with tables containing mineral water. On arrival in addition to the mineral water is provided juice.

Article 08: MARKING OF KM: The participants will have to follow the marking of the stages envisaged by the organization. The course of each stage will be indicated by tags, flags and signs in kilometers. Judges will be present to indicate the direction of the race.

Article 09: MEDICAL ASSISTANCE: A medical team will be set up by the organization throughout the race. It will medically assist the competitors in the positions listed in the journey log of each stage. It is entitled to disqualify any competitor unfit to continue the test putting in danger both his own person and that of others. Ambulances will follow the competitors during both stages. Permanent installation, at the participants' hotel level, of a medical antenna with doctors and nurses.

Article 10: SECURITY: The security of the competitors will be assured 24/7 by the services of Police, Gendarmerie, Health and Civil Protection, during all the period of event.

Article 11: INSURANCE: The Organizer has subscribed for the duration of the 15th Marathon des Dunes a sports liability insurance with respect to the competitors, which implies that the damage suffered by them is generated by a fault of the organizer . Outside the event program, the organizer declines his responsibility for insurance in case of incident or other. The organizer declines any responsibility in case of loss or theft of valuables, for example: jewelry, electronic devices, clothing, and others.

Article 12: EQUIPMENT: It is advised for the competitors of shoes designed for the sand, beaten ground and the road. For clothing, it will be good for competitors to wear warm clothing for evenings. Provide a comforter (mountain) plus a flashlight.

Article 13: PHOTO COVERAGE, TELEVISION, VIDEO AND RIGHTS: The organizer reserves all exclusive rights to use the images of the 15th Marathon des Dunes. Any competitor expressly waives the right to the image during the event, as he renounces all recourse against the organizer and his authorized partners for the use made of his image. When professionals in audio visual, they will have to do their accreditation with the organizer in accordance with the regulations in force.

Article 14: AWARDS: The first three of the general classification and the first of each age category. Depending on the categories specified, the winners and other overall ranking competitors (both sexes) will receive awards and medals. Each participant at the 15th Marathon des Dunes will receive a diploma of participation.

Article 15: VISAS OF ENTRANCE FOR THE ALGERIAN TERRITORY: Visas for participants and administrative formalities, namely the procedures for obtaining visas for participants coming from abroad, PRO ORGANIZATION agency will take care to officially advise the consular services at the Algerian embassies of the countries of the participants enrolled for the 15th Marathon des Dunes. Nevertheless, the competitor must send to the organization, his information sheet no later than two months before the event. The organization will send to all participants an attestation of participation (INVITATION) which is an indispensable document for the visa consultative services.

Article 16: ORGANIZATION OF TRAVELS FROM EUROPE: The organization informs you that all the participants coming from Europe or other must organize themselves for the connections destination towards Algiers - Houari Boumediene. The organization informs you that all participants must be at Algiers International Airport - Houari Boumediene on Friday 28 December 2018. The organization informs you that all participants must communicate their flight plan. NB: Algiers International Airport is located 150m from Algiers National Airport. Possibility of organizing a night in Algiers the day before departure to TIMIMOUN.

Article 17: FINANCIAL CONDITIONS: The organization informs you that after registration we will contact the participants for more information, advice, program of the flight plan and modality of payment. The participation fee per person at the 15th Marathon des Dunes will be communicated during the month of September.

Article 18: OUR SERVICES INCLUDE: • Round trip flight ticket: "ALGIERS - TIMIMOUN -ALGIERS". • Accommodation: Camping Complex - double rooms full board with all amenities. • Internal bus transportation according to the program of the Marathon des Dunes activities. • Animation program. • Tourist visits. • Sports events race of two stages. •New Year's Eve celebration. • Participants officially registered prior to the Marathon des Dunes must pay the full fee to the organization by October 26, 2018.

Other fees: visa, travel insurance, and others are the responsibility of the participant.

Article 19: ENROLLMENT CANCELLATION FEE: Cancellations of booking request, package declarations and refund requests must be expressed by registered letter to avoid any dispute. • 50% of all entry fees will be retained by the organization in the event of withdrawal 02 months before the event. • 70% of all entry fees will be retained by the organization in the event of withdrawal 01 months before the event. • After this deadline, no refund request will be accepted.

Article 20: CATERING: The organization provides an improved sports menu. Traditional meals are provided in the program (during outings). The restoration will be carried out at the restaurant of the complex.

Article 21: INTERNAL TRANSPORT: The organization will provide participants with 30-seater buses for internal transport according to the program for sports, tourism and cultural activities. Other trips outside the program will be the responsibility of the participant.

Article 22: TOURIST VISITS: In collaboration with the local TIMIMOUN committee, several interesting tourist visits are scheduled for the 15th Marathon des Dunes with guides chosen for this occasion.

Article 23: CULTURAL AND ARTISTIC ANIMATION: Every evening, on the place of accommodation of the participants, or under kheimattes, organization of a program rich in animation with troops and orchestras of the area.

Article 24: NEW YEAR'S EVE: This year, the organization provides a traditional menu with an exceptional animation at the complex or under kheimattes with the presence of orchestra of the region.

Article 25: MEANS OF COMMUNICATION: From TIMIMOUN where will be held the 15th Marathon des Dunes, there are all means of telephone communication to all cities in the world and with the landline or mobile phone and internet, 3G or 4G.

Article 26: CLOSING OF ENTRIES: The closing date for entries is 26 October 2018. It will not be possible to register on the day of the race.


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