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Realizing all the events of the MARATHON DES DUNES in all the wilayas of the south, we consider it a real marathon .... in a marathon.

An event conceived with several activities: sport, tourism and culture. Every year, in December, in a city located in the Algerian desert, this marathon takes place in stages
Its concept is exceptional because of its various activities organized during the course of the event.

The first edition was organized for the first time in 2001 in Djanet, capital of Tassili n'Ajjer, with the installation of a real camp at Mount Tiska.
According to observers and participants, it was a good start for the promoter of this beautiful event.
To allow the participations to discover the beautiful Algerian desert, especially for foreigners, its exact location and its courses change from year to year.
The event usually covers the entire distance of a half marathon. It is spread over 3 consecutive days and allows competitors to complete the course at a free pace, walking, running or any other mode of movement without help. The terrain varies from the tarmac, rugged terrain or part of the sand dunes.
What attracts participants is that this marathon also has a rich cultural program that includes outside the race in the morning, daily excursions to local museums, historical sites and religious places such as ancient Zaouia (pronounced ZAWIYA) and hermitages (Christian chapels located in the Algerian Sahara founded by Charles de Foucault). Local folk groups will perform to cheer the participants' parties (Gnawa to Diwan or Targui). An exclusively local food (couscous, cakes, tea and dates) will be served to all athletes and participants reflecting the generosity and ancestral hospitality of the inhabitants of this region. From year to year, we relocate this event through different wilayates (departments) allowing the discovery of beauty and the unusual at the level of the Algerian desert for the benefit of national and foreign participants. In 2002, in El Oued, capital of Souf, the second edition was a success on all levels.

The 2009 edition took place in the Bechar region on the Algerian-Moroccan border and the 10th in the Ahaggar region in 2010, where the Marathon des Dunes had celebrated its 10-year anniversary and it was closed with joy and fervor to the ѕаtіѕfаctіоn of large number of the pаrtіcіpаntѕ as for the previous editions.
Year after year, the success of the project has exceeded our borders. This sporting, cultural and tourist event is organized to make known and convey the best possible image of ALGERIA and this vast country.
Also, our will is to work to the promotion of tourism in Algeria through the organization of events of this scale. The marathon is a convivial moment, in addition to the competitive spirit of the participants and leisure for others, it allows a cultural exchange between those who take part because they come from different countries and different regions.

This type of event also has an economic impact on the place of its development, including tourist structures (hotels, restaurants, local crafts and others).
In addition to its aspects, we carry out several humanitarian actions with the populations of the South by distributing food products, clothing, medicines, and other items for school children.
After the fairy landscapes of Tassili n'Ajjer, Hogar, Saula, Gourara, M'zab, Oued Souf, Biskra are indicated to show the contrast and to make you discover yet another facet of the Algerian Sahara.
The М'Zаb which is a world apart, as a challenge in a hostile environment, the HOGGAR with its landscape revealing a desert nature, which adornes itself with the most extraordinary rocky forms, it is the SAOURA, who seduced the participants during the 11th edition of the Marathon des Dunes.
After Ghardaïa, last year, Timimoun will host the 15th edition.
Timimoun, located 1,200 km from Algiers. A city located between the Grand Erg Occidental, in the North, and the Tademait plateau, in the South, it is the main oasis of the Gourara region.
The city built above the palm grove is famous for the ocher color of its buildings. Its architecture - Berber-Sudanese - typical of the region - inspired cities of the Sahel such as Timbuktu and Djenné.
The main elements entering the construction are the clay, the straw and the trunk of the palm tree. This totally adapted method of construction, taking into account the extreme climate of the region has been neglected for some years now for concrete. The most important cities in the style are Adrar, Reggane, In Salah and Timimoun, all located around the Tademait plateau.
Appointment is made for next December.

For information, the Marathon des Dunes was organized in the following wilayas of Algeria:
2001 : Djanet
2002 : El Oued
2002 : Timimoun
2003 : Timimoun
2004 : Tinerkouk
2005 : Ghardaia - Zelfana
2006 : Biskra- El Kantara
2007 : Béni Abbès
2008 : Taghit
2009 : Kerzaz - Timoudi
2010 : Tamanrasset
2011 : Igli - El Ouata- Taghit
2012 : Adrar - Tamantit - Bouda
2017 : Ghardaia - El Atteuf - Metlili