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Whether you're a vegan wanting to veganize some of your favourite pre-veg recipes or a vegan cooking for omnivores, in this roundup of vegan recipes for meat lovers there's sure to be something for everyone!

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For the majority of us, we did not become vegan simply because we don’t like the taste of meat. I’m sure at some point a non-veg has questioned judged you about why fake meat products (or even recipes that emulate typically meat-based dishes) exist, implying that you’re some kind of hypocrite and irrational buffoon for wanting to eat them. The real morons are the ones whose brains are ruled by their stomachs, seemingly blocking them from the capacity of logical and critical thought and reasoning (rant over).

Just because you’ve given up meat doesn’t mean that you don’t crave a killer burger, chili, nuggets or wings from time to time. For most of us, those are the foods that we grew up on and would still be eating today if it wasn’t for all that animal cruelty, environmental destruction and chronic disease that caused you to go plant-based in the first place.

Perhaps you’re like many other vegans living with non-vegan family members and can’t bring yourself to cook meat for them. Or you simply don’t have time to be cooking two separate meals. Perhaps you’re having some “meat-and-potatoes-type” friends or family over for dinner and you’re stumped as to what to serve them.

If you’re looking for recipes that are “meaty” and satisfying for all of you while at the same time being cruelty free, then look no further! I’ve compiled this HUGE list of vegan recipes for meat lovers that will be sure to satisfy your every craving and impress even the most die-hard meat-and-potatoes guy (or girl).

About the Vegan Recipes for Meat Lovers

In keeping with the philosophy of this blog, I’ve chosen recipes that do not make use of packaged and processed vegan meat substitutes. It’s easy enough to go to the store and get a package of Gardein ground beef crumble and throw it into tomato sauce for a veggie Bolognese. You don’t need a recipe for that!

The recipes here use whole foods like mushrooms, lentils, beans and other vegetables to replace the meat in traditional meat-heavy dishes. For an even more meaty texture, some of these recipes call for tofu or seitan. You might consider seitan to be a processed meat substitute, but I don’t. You don’t have to buy packaged, pre-made seitan because it can be made at home. Read on.

How to Make Seitan

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Seitan is a great (maybe the best) meat substitute when you’re after not only the flavour but also the chewy, meaty texture of your favourite vegan meat dishes.

There are two ways to make seitan at home. The easier way is to get a package of vital wheat gluten, either from a supermarket, health food store or online and mix it with your flavour ingredients into a dough. Many of the seitan-based recipes in this recipe roundup include instructions for making seitan with vital wheat gluten. Or you can check out this basic seitan recipe.

The second way to make seitan is by washing white or whole wheat flour until you’re left with just the gluten. This is more labour and time intensive but a good, cheaper alternative if you can’t get your hands on vital wheat gluten. This recipe for homemade seitan with flour gives a good basic overview of the process. Keep in mind that you can also add the appropriate spices, herbs and other seasonings for your recipe to the dough to give it the meaty flavour that you’re after.

Now, on to the vegan recipes for meat lovers!


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Mystery Meat

  1. Vegan Spam - East Meets Kitchen
  2. Vegan Spam Musubi - Miss Kitchen Witch
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  9. Vegan Liverwurst - Vegan Feast Kitchen
  10. Phony Bologna - Compassionate Cuisine

Know a good meaty recipe for this collection? Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. Lauren James says

    I have become so hungry reading this post! I think I'm going to try the vegan fish and chips first.


    • Melissa says

      Let me know how it goes!


  2. jl says

    Just stumbled upon your blog. Can't WAIT to try some of your recipes!


  3. STeve says

    Is this available in a downloadable pdf that we can print and refer to offline?


  4. Sam says

    Your words resonate with me on a deep level. I feel re-inspired and hopeful that others will wake up to compassion for other beings. This article is jamb packed with great information. Thank you.


  5. Pongodhall says

    Thank you for this. I don't need or want it. So many do and I think it a really helpful and practical thing you have done here and thank you ????????????????????????????????????????????????


  6. Sew says

    These look wonderful, anxious to try a few!


  7. Shannah V Braxton says

    Thank you so much for your labor of love. I will start next year off right by making these meatless meats! --Shannah V.


  8. Sara says

    Thank you for this! My omni hubby (luckily) doesn't complain about the vegan meals I make, but he always seems to prefer when I veganize the more "traditional meat & potatoes"-types of food he grew up on haha. I'm saving a bunch of these recipes to try to wow him with in the near future 🙂


  9. Darlene says



  10. Carmen says

    Maybe a silly question, but can you make the seitan gluten-free? My husband has been prescribed a vegan and gluten-free diet for the next six months, and I'm scrambling to find tasty recipes to replace our previously meat-focussed diet with.


    • Melissa says

      No, seitan can never be gluten free. Tofu is very versatile and a great substitute in a lot of recipes!


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