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Activities for 100th Day of School

The 100th day of school is full of excitement and is truly a milestone for the school year! This blog post shares 7 activities for 100 days of school, using materials that you likely already have in your classroom. Plus I’m giving you 3 epic freebies, so your 100th day is already planned out!

Most of these activities use materials you likely have in your classroom already, but if you come across an item you don’t have, click here to check out the 100th day supply list!

#1: 100 Chart Toss

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Students take turns tossing a counter (one of those little yellow and red foam circles that you likely have in your closet leftover from a former teacher… don’t we all?!) onto a hundreds chart. The goal is for the counter to land on the number 100! I used a chart up to 120 because it’s all I had, but this also added to the challenge of landing on 100! The team that gets their counters closest to 100 on the chart, wins. You could add a layer of computation skills into this game by having students find the sum of all the numbers that their team’s counters landed on, and the team with the highest sum wins the game!

#2: 100 Cup Stack

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For this 100 days of school activity, you’ll need 100 plastic cups and a stopwatch or timer. The goal of this 100th day of school activity is to be the team that stacks 100 cups the fastest. Teamwork is big here, and students will likely fail more times than they succeed, but when they do succeed, it’ll be so exciting for them! Students start the stopwatch and begin creating a pyramid with the cups (math and logic skills are infused in this game–how many cups need to be on the bottom to support all 100?) Once the final cup is stacked, a team member stops the timer and writes their team’s time on the board. Once each team has a chance to play, the shortest time wins. I say “wins” but none of these activities have to be a competition if your class can’t handle it–trust me, I get it.

#3: 100 Flash Cards

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You need 100 flash cards and a stopwatch. I chose to use a combination of multiplication and division flash cards because my 3rd graders continuously work on their fact fluency. One member of the team displays the flashcards one at a time while the rest of the team calls out the answers. They don’t move onto the next card until they get the one they’re shown correct. The goal is to get through all 100 flash cards the fastest (again, doesn’t have to be a competition, you can leave “the fastest” part out and the goal is just to get through 100 flash cards!) Teams can write their times on the board like they did with the previous activity.

#4: 100 Shapes

Pull out 100 tangram shapes, also known as pattern blocks, and let the students build and create whatever they want! The catch, they have to create something cohesive. For example, they can all build different parts of a garden, a city, a school, ocean animals, etc. Teamwork makes the dream work, my friends, and this activity is focused on working as a team.

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#5: 100 Unifix Cubes

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I like activities for 100 days of school that involve some thinking! You’ll need 100 unifix cubes and a ruler. The goal of this 100th day of school activity is for students to use their measurement and estimation skills to find the length of 100 conjoined unifix cubes. Using feet and inches, students will first decide as a team what a good estimate would be. They write that down on a small whiteboard or sticky note, then get to assembling all 100 unifix cubes. Once they’ve put the cubes together, out come the rulers. Students find the actual measurement of the length of 100 unifix cubes. They then compare their estimate to the actual, and record the difference between the two. The team who was closest to the actual measurement “wins.”

#6: 100 Things We Love About 3rd Grade Bulletin Board

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You can do this before the 100th day of school and keep it up for… as long as you want! This bulletin board is a great way to spread a little joy throughout your classroom, and I’m sure it will bring a smile to your face as well (Psst- This is a FREEBIE that I’m sending to you, keep reading!) Depending on the number of students in your class, give each student as many hearts needed for your whole class to have 100 in total. So, if you have 25 kids in your class, each will need 4 hearts. Students write one thing they love about your grade level. It can be anything, as long as it relates to the school year they’re currently in. Share some out loud and encourage students to read the hearts after you’ve hung them up to display! A delicious bulletin board combo platter of 100th day of school and Valentine’s Day!! Check out this blog post for all of my Valentine’s Day ideas for elementary students!

#7: 100 Year Old Photos

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Okay, this is so fun, and if your students are anything like mine, they’ll also say it’s “CREEPY” …which it kind of is, but it’s also FUN! You’ll need to download the free app: Aging Booth. Take each student’s photo, and turn them into old folks. Since the photos turn black and white, I print them at school just on plain paper, no need to send them to be professionally printed! To make this extra great, have students complete the “When I am 100 years old…” writing activity (the second freebie I’m sharing with you!), print out their “old” pictures, and create a class bulletin board display!

100th Day of School Activities

BONUS #8: 100 Days Writing FREEBIE

I call this the “100 Days in 100 Words” challenge. I love using writing activities for 100 days of school! This one asks students to recap their first 100 days of school using only 100 words. It’s tricky to get exactly 100, but it’s absolutely possible. It will definitely get them writing and reflecting!

I hope you love these activities for 100 Days of School! If you use any ideas in your classroom please share them with me on Instagram!

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-Courtney 💕

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With that being said, let's dive into the concepts mentioned in the article about activities for the 100th day of school and explore their relevance and potential benefits for students.

100 Chart Toss

The 100 Chart Toss activity described in the article is a fun and engaging way for students to practice number recognition and computation skills. By tossing counters onto a hundreds chart, students not only reinforce their understanding of numbers but also develop their hand-eye coordination. The game can be further enhanced by incorporating computation skills, such as finding the sum of the numbers landed on by the counters. This adds an element of mathematical thinking and problem-solving to the activity.

100 Cup Stack

The 100 Cup Stack activity is a team-based challenge that promotes teamwork, coordination, and fine motor skills. By working together to stack 100 cups as quickly as possible, students learn the value of collaboration and develop their hand-eye coordination and spatial awareness. This activity also provides an opportunity to discuss concepts related to geometry and balance, as students consider how many cups are needed on the bottom to support the entire stack.

100 Flash Cards

The 100 Flash Cards activity is a great way to reinforce fact fluency and improve students' speed and accuracy in recalling multiplication and division facts. By working together as a team to answer the flashcards, students not only practice their math skills but also develop their communication and collaboration skills. This activity can be modified to suit different grade levels and can be a valuable tool for reviewing and reinforcing mathematical concepts.

100 Shapes

The 100 Shapes activity allows students to engage in creative and collaborative problem-solving. By using tangram shapes or pattern blocks, students can work together to create cohesive designs, such as a garden, a city, or ocean animals. This activity promotes teamwork, spatial reasoning, and creativity. It also provides an opportunity for students to explore concepts related to geometry and symmetry.

100 Unifix Cubes

The 100 Unifix Cubes activity incorporates measurement and estimation skills. Students work as a team to estimate and measure the length of 100 conjoined unifix cubes. This activity not only develops students' measurement skills but also encourages critical thinking and problem-solving. By comparing their estimates to the actual measurement, students gain a deeper understanding of measurement concepts and accuracy.

100 Things We Love About 3rd Grade Bulletin Board

The 100 Things We Love About 3rd Grade Bulletin Board activity is a creative and interactive way to celebrate the 100th day of school. Students write down one thing they love about their grade level, fostering a positive classroom environment and encouraging reflection. This activity promotes self-expression, gratitude, and a sense of belonging within the classroom community.

100 Year Old Photos

The 100 Year Old Photos activity adds a fun and creative element to the 100th day of school celebration. By using an aging app to transform their photos, students can explore their imagination and engage in storytelling. Pairing the "old" photos with a writing activity, such as the "When I am 100 years old..." prompt, allows students to develop their writing skills while also fostering creativity and critical thinking.

100 Days Writing Challenge

The 100 Days Writing Challenge invites students to reflect on their first 100 days of school through concise and focused writing. By summarizing their experiences in exactly 100 words, students practice concise communication and reflection skills. This activity encourages self-expression, critical thinking, and creativity.

These activities for the 100th day of school provide a wide range of opportunities for students to engage in hands-on learning, develop essential skills, and celebrate their achievements. By incorporating these activities into the classroom, educators can create a memorable and meaningful experience for their students, fostering a love for learning and a sense of accomplishment.

7 Activities for 100 Days of School - Create Inspire Teach (2024)
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