DO NOT Buy Saints Row DLC! (2023)


I completed the new Saints Row DLC, Doc Ketchum's Murder Circus or at least one character in the mode which was enough for me and also which wasn't difficult at all taking around an hour to max out the level on a character because you know, 8 levels is plenty for a character and having the exact same perks for each level across all characters is apparently acceptable. Honestly, if you're looking for fun or anything of the sort then do not buy this stupid DLC, the game mode is awful and that's all you get from this "expansion".

The Saints Row 2022 DLC will cost you £8 on its own or £25 if you buy the expansion pass and the other things scheduled to release in the pass aren't worth talking about either especially because if you pay nothing and just update the game you get the biggest amount of content for free. Let me know your thoughts about the Saints Row Doc Ketchum Murder Circus DLC in the comments below :D

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Well, wow wow, wow wow.

If you thought Saints Row was bad, then uh, yeah expansion, number two is even worse, with the only difference being that it actually works and I've not encountered any bugs, but it was such a waste of time and if you haven't already purchased the expansion pass, if you haven't purchased this DLC on its own, do not even bother we're starting off with.

They were 40 minutes late with the DLC release.

They were hyping it up for days and days.

Then they were late to actually drop it.

It's uh, it's part of the paid expansion pass this mode and there's nothing expansion about it.

It's literally one single game mode that has about as much replayability as online for an old game called Army of Two, which has no replayability, because the servers were taken offline.

Honestly, you load into the game and it comes up with a pop-up and says you have to play it aggressive recruiting in order to unlock the murder circus, but I've completed the game.

So I have no missions left besides, like two which are set for the very end of the game.

So I've obviously already done aggressive recruiting at some point, and it still makes you wait.

It doesn't just automatically unlock the game mode.

Instead, you'll just sit around for a few minutes and then you'll get a phone call to say that the event app is now available to access on your phone.

You get into this game mode and it's stupidly easy like there is no difficulty to this mode whatsoever.

I use the character called Daniel you get, an SMG has got infinite ammo, and then you even get an upgrade for it through the shop that gives you an extra 40 rounds without reloading.

You start with 80., so you get up to 120 rounds.

I, think it's dual wheeled SMGs that didn't even pay attention to the weapon, but you've got SMGs or an SMG or whatever, and you get 120 rounds before needing to reload the reload speed is fast: it's infinite ammo, it's just so easy.

The enemies are on, like journalists, difficult cool e, let's just put it that way and there are barely any upgrades for characters.

Their max level in the game is eight, so across all four of the playable characters.

There are 32 levels to this mode and uh yeah after four matches, which don't last actually that long I was level eight with the character I was using, and not only that at levels of three and six, with all four of the characters you get extra health.

So you start off with three bars.

Then level three you'll have four bars for the Character level.

Six you'll have five bars of health and there's also an upgrade that you have a chance of getting out of one of the boxes.

They will give you an extra health bar, so you can go up to six in this mode and it's already easy enough with three.

Now that's providing you're using your takedowns and being smart and the whole objective of the mode is supposed to be incredibly replayable.

The whole objective is to find four caskets.

They all have different Buffs for the enemies, extra damage, dropping grenades on death and things like that and that all exactly the same by the way you go out to a casket interact with it, you have a few waves of enemies come after you, the enemies get that buff once you've defeated them and interacted with the casket.

Again you go to the next one.

You interact with it as waves of enemies.

You kill them, you give them the buff by collecting the reward or whatever you do that four times in the entire [ __ ] game mode is done like you can't go exploring after the forecast gets, it literally ends it and takes you back to the character selection screen.

Also, though, whilst you're playing, if you want a little bit of a detour to make it last a little bit longer, there are four dock boxes.

However, that does at some point in some runs become three but we'll say is like your first run.

First couple of runs: you'll have four dock boxes.

They contain weapons for that run, but those weapons are unlimited ammo.

So you can pick up an AR.

It's got limited ammo you can get a different.

Smg has got limited ammo.

You can never ever pick up more ammo for those weapons, so you've got your starting weapon, infinite, ammo, and then you have these dock boxes, which give you more powerful weapons, but they haven't incredibly limited ammo, there's, like literally no thought put into this mode whatsoever and the majority of the unlockables in the shop.

Because you go into this, you get boot coin or whatever it's called and uh yeah.

After your run, that can be used in the store to purchase, upgrades and stuff, but the majority of them are weapons, and these weapons can only be found in these dock boxes, so you're purchasing an upgrade which is based on chance and everything in the mode like you get close I'm gonna, say within 20 30 meters of a dock box and it's pinpointed on your map.

All four of the caskets are pinpointed on your map, the enemies that spawn in randomly, because it gives you a tool tip and says: oh enemies are around dock boxes, so you find enemies on the map they're going to be close to a dock box, but these enemies are on infinite spawns, so you can just Farm them for XP.

If you wish, even though you're capped to eight levels with each of your characters and yeah, there are four characters in the entire mode.

Everything about this is pathetic and on its own, this is going to cost you eight pounds.

I mean that's if it's actually popped up in the store at this point, because the only way I could get this to work was to keep restarting my console and then eventually load up the game and go to the downloadable content thing like in the actual games menu because it hasn't popped up in the store, but as well.

It's like it's still, not in the store now, and it's been out for over three hours, so I don't know how you're supposed to purchase it.

If you don't actually own the expansion pass like without buying the expansion pass altogether, I mean, unless you can do it from the uh from the game, menu or something I'm, not entirely sure, but basically it's going to cost you a bit of money to buy this.

The expansion pass is 25 quid and you are literally getting that one mode and it's that bad, like they're, calling it an expansion, it's part of the expansion parse and they stay on their website.

The Saints Row expansion PASS gives access to three expansion.

Episodes with each expansion.

New areas of the game world are opened up, featuring a wealth of new gameplay content to discover so far in the two expansion episodes, we've had three story missions and the game mode, and it says including New, Missions, new enemies, new diversions, new Weaponry, new vehicles and customization options.

Yeah with this one, you get absolutely [, __ ].

None of that.

You literally just get this game mode and you can tell it's poor when they're naming it an expansion like they're titling, it an expansion, but there is no update for the game whatsoever.

There is no installation for this quote-unquote expansion.

You are literally downloading, like roughly a 10 megabyte license.

That is all you are doing with this mode from start to finish, this is boring.

It's tedious! It's just not worth your time in any way, shape or form.

I was kind of hoping.

This would be a mode where I can Chuck out a couple of tips and tricks, videos and stuff and help players out, but you don't need it.

I'm, no good at shooting games I'm, like an average player when it comes to shooting games.

My accuracy is off.

My positioning is terrible, all that sort of stuff, but you load into Saints Row, and it's like I'm, a journalist like I'm playing on journalist difficulty is so so easy.

You start with three health bars and is not a challenge to complete your first run.

You can literally choose a character that goes into the mode with 80 rounds in an SMG or dual wield SMGs with infinite ammo.

They were late to release the DLC for the second time in a row, because the first one took like almost a day to actually get on Xbox this one.

They were about 40 minutes late and they were doing all their promotion beforehand or get ready for the circus, and then it came to release and it took them about an hour and a half to two hours ish after the release to actually like.

Let everyone know that it's launched on their social media.

They are all over the place when it comes to this sort of stuff and honestly I don't have much else to say.

Just besides the recommendation of do not buy this.

It is the biggest piece of [ __ ] I've played in 2023 and that's my opinion on the.

What is it DOC, ketchum's murder, circus in Boot Hill in Saints Row, and on that note, we are going to leave the video there if you enjoyed it, leaving a like is appreciated.

If you wish to support me further as a Creator, there are links in the description.

Let me know your thoughts about the video in the comments and if you want to watch more, you can click the video on screen.

All support on the channel is greatly appreciated and I hope you enjoyed it.

Thank you for watching.


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The free update, officially called Sunshine Springs after the new region it introduces, launches on May 9, 2023, and the team hopes it addresses at least some of the major criticisms fans have leveled at the open-world game since it released in 2022.

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Saints Row Update Will Overhaul Combat Based on Player Feedback. Saints Row is due to receive a major update, which will overhaul its combat based on player feedback. The patch will coincide with the launch of story DLC, The Heist and The Hazardous, and will add a new district called Sunshine Springs.

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