How Do I File A Complaint Against A Mortgage Company - (2023)

If you believe your loan and trust company has violated the Loan and Trust Corporations Act and/or its regulations, please follow these steps before filing a complaint with FSRA:

File a complaint with your loan and trust company and obtain a final position letter from them.

Step 1: Find your loan and trust company and ask how to file a formal complaintStep 2: Request a final position letter on your case.

If your matter is still not resolved after following the above steps, you can file a complaint with FSRA.

Provincial and territorial insurance regulators oversee the licensing and conduct of insurance agents and brokers. Each province and territory has its own insurance regulator and all insurance companies must follow the rules and regulations of the province or territory in which they carry out business.

If your complaint is not covered by the consumer protection laws we enforce, we will do our best to help you find an organization or government office that can assist you.

What is it? Youre not allowed to bring a claim against Wells Fargo in most courts . But the exception is small claims court, which is an opportunity to bring your claim locally before a judge, up to a certain monetary limit.

Claim Limits. Most small claims court limits range from $2,500 to $10,000 so if your claim is more than the amount your state allows you may not be able to file your case in small claims court.

Court Fees. Small claims court fees generally vary depending on the amount you claim against Wells Fargo.

What you need to do: Locate your local small claims court and follow the steps laid out by the small claims court online to learn how to file a small claims court suit. Each small claim court has its own procedure. Filing a small claims court lawsuit tends to be simpler than the regular lawsuit process.

What to expect: If you follow all the steps precisely and have a strong claim against Wells Fargo, theres a good chance youll get compensation. Additionally, Wells Fargo may even offer you a settlement in exchange for dropping the civil suit against them.


What is it? The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is a federal government agency that regulates much of Wells Fargos business. The CFPB provides an informal channel for consumers to submit claims and complaints against Wells Fargo.

Mortgages on Primary Residences in Connecticut – Complaint Notice: The Department of Banking accepts complaints against any lender or mortgage servicer regarding mortgage modification, risk of delinquency, default and judicial foreclosure of a mortgage on a primary residence in Connecticut.

If the entity is not licensed by the Department of Banking, the Department pursues complaints against unlicensed companies that are conducting mortgage lender, broker or servicer activities to Connecticut residents.

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Why You Might Want To File A Complaint

If you are not sure if you should file a complaint or not, know that the CFPBs history of helping consumers get answers is positive. The CFPBs 2021 annual report states that in 2020, the bureau sent approximately 85% of its mortgage complaints to companies for review. 98% of the companies responded.

  • 88% of the companies closed with an explanation
  • 2% closed with an administrative response
  • 3% closed with non-monetary relief
  • 4% closed with financial relief

Here are some reasons you may want to file a complaint:

To Speed Up A Resolution

If youre concerned about how youve been treated by a mortgage servicer or lender, filing a complaint with the CFPB can help you get an explanation, or possibly relief. Often, the bureau obtains a response from the company within 15 days. For Blackmon, it took approximately seven days to get a response from her mortgage service after filing a complaint, she says.

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How To File A Complaint Against A Property Management Company

Is your property manager giving you a hard time? Do you feel like your tenancy application was unfairly declined? Or would you like to know how to file a complaint against a property management company?

If so, you are in the right place.

Generally, property managers are often responsible for all matters related to the safety, health, suitability, and usability of rental units.

Therefore, whenever they fail to provide one or more of these essentials, tenants can file complaints against them.

Luckily, every state in the country has a number of ways in which renters can voice their complaints against property managers.

If you are a renter with issues about your rental unit, here are two things you can do to get the issues resolved.

What Happens To A Complaint

A Division of Real Estate Consumer Advisory: Understanding the Complaint Process as a Consumer.

In order to address your complaint some or all of the details may be sent to the Mortgage Broker, upon receiving your consent. This allows the Mortgage Broker the opportunity to provide a complete response to the complaint for our review.

Allegations of any sort of misconduct should be accompanied by some evidence to allow us to begin an inquiry. If such evidence cannot be provided, our ability to conduct any type of review of the matter may be limited.

Please note that the Freedom of Information and Protection of Personal Information Act applies to BCFSA records and information.

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Whats Published And When

98% of complaints sent to companies get timely responses

Only complaints sent to companies for response are eligible to be published and are only published after the company responds, confirming a commercial relationship or after 15 days, whichever comes first. The database generally updates daily.

We do not publish complaints referred to other regulators, such as complaints about depository institutions with less than $10 billion in assets.

We publish the consumers narrative description from their complaint if the consumer opts to share it publicly and after the Bureau takes steps to remove personal information.

This database is not a statistical sample of consumers experiences in the marketplace and these complaints are not necessarily representative of all consumers experiences with a financial product or company. Complaints are not information for purposes of the Information Quality Act.

  • More about the data we publish

Where Do I File A Complaint About A Title Insurance Company

Before you file a complaint, itis best to first ask the insurance company to amicably settle whatever issuesyou may have. It’s best to go for a win-win situation where you and the titleinsurance company can work out a solution that is agreeable to both parties.

If you feel that your claim wasunfairly denied or that the title insurance company acted in bad faith, you cancontact the regional office of the title insurance company to appeal that theyreconsider the claim or to provide an acceptable explanation for whatever losses their perceived act of bad faith has caused you.

However, if the title insurancecompany has been uncooperative or if you are dissatisfied with any arrangementsmade, you can now go to the state insurance board to file a claim.

Mind you, the state insuranceboards take such complaints seriously. This is in their bid to provideinsurance consumers with a venue by which to help ensure the quality ofinsurance products and services.

What you can do is go to thewebsite of the state insurance board involved and complete the online complaintform. The board will contact you to give you an ID number for your complaintand will assign someone to be in charge of investigating your complaint. Youwill also be asked to forward pertinent documents that will support yourcomplaint.

Not a bit

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To Get Money That Youre Owed

There are other issues, though, that could result in receiving some money back. For example, if your servicer has incorrectly applied a payment, is slowing down the paperwork for a mortgage payoff or refinance, or has violated RESPA in a way that costs you money, Fleming suggests filing a complaint to see if you can be compensated. This can be especially important if a mortgage lender is costing you money because of their practices.

Submit A Complaint To Us

How Do I File A Complaint Against A Mortgage Company - (1)

There is no cost involved.

When submitting a complaint online, you will also be asked to provide supporting documents. These include:

  • A copy of the letter you wrote to the business about your complaint and any response they have sent back to you
  • Your contract or any other related agreements
  • Copies of invoices, records of payments made and any other letters, documents and e-mails
  • Logs of calls from a collection agency , consumer reports or any documentation relating to the original debt relevant to your complaint

Submit your complaint on paper or by email. If you require an alternate format, please contact us.

In order to file your complaint in paper or by email, please use this PDF version of the complaint form.

Send your completed form with copies of any supporting documents by mail, fax or email to:

Ministry of Government and Consumer ServicesConsumer Services Operations Division

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If Your Bank/lender Is A Credit Union:

If your bank or lender is a credit union, find out if it is federally chartered or state chartered. To do so, find it in the National Credit Union Administration’s Find Credit Unions web page and check the “Charter State” field. If that field says “N/A”, the credit union is federally chartered.

Mortgage Lender Complaints Regulates Federal Regulator

If you are unable to resolve your complaint directly , you may want to contact the appropriate federal or state regulators and enforcement authorities. Depending upon their authority under applicable state or federal law, regulators may either attempt to help you resolve your complaint or record your complaint and recommend other action.

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Texas Department Of Savings And Mortgage Lending



A complaint form and instructions may be downloaded and printed from the Departments website located at or obtained from the department upon request by mail at the address above, by telephone at its toll-free consumer hotline listed above, or by email at .


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State Charted Credit Union

How To File a Discrimination Complaint

Some credit unions are probably regulated by a state supervisory authority where the credit union’s main branch is located. These credit unions usually:

  • Do not have the word “federal” as part of its name
  • Are not located in Delaware, South Dakota, Wyoming or Washington, DC

Are you unsure if your credit union is state or federal? Use the Find a Credit Union tool to search by name and look up the credit union’s charter number. Federal credit unions have charter numbers under 60000, state-chartered credit unions have charter numbers greater than 60000.

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How We Use Complaint Data

Complaints can give us insights into problems people are experiencing in the marketplace and help us regulate consumer financial products and services under existing federal consumer financial laws, enforce those laws judiciously, and educate and empower consumers to make informed financial decisions.

Identify And Complain About Housing Discrimination

Housing discrimination happens when a housing provider gets in the way of a person renting or buying housing because of their

  • Race or color
  • Familial status
  • Disability

A housing provider that discriminates against someone could be a landlord or a real estate management company. It could also be a lending institution like a bank or other organization that aids in the homebuying process.

Housing discrimination is prohibited by the Fair Housing Act. Discrimination covered by the Act can take many forms beyond just raising prices or lying about availability. For example, the Act addresses wheelchair access in some newer properties. Learn what the Fair Housing Act covers, how to complain, and how the investigation process works.

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The Office Of The Comptroller Of The Currency

The OCC regulates mortgages issued by national banks or federal savings institutions. Please note that you can only file complaints that have not been previously litigated.

Be sure to disclose: your name, mailing address, phone number, email address, name and address of the mortgage lender, account type, name of the person you contacted at the lending institution about the matter and the response , and a detailed explanation of your complaint.

To file a complaint, fill out this online complaint form or contact the OCC through the details below:

Telephone Number

I Have An Inquiry Or Complaint About My Mortgage Lender Originator Or Servicer

How Do I File A Complaint Against A Mortgage Company - (2)

The Office of the Commissioner of Financial Regulation is responsible for regulating those who are licensed to do business in the residential mortgage industry in Maryland. If you are uncertain as to whether a company is licensed in Maryland, please review our licensing search page. If you have a complaint against a mortgage lender, originator or servicer that is licensed or a company that should be licensed by the Commissioner, please review the directions on “How to File a Complaint.”

Federally chartered depository institutions or insured depository institutions chartered in states other than Maryland are not regulated or supervised by the Commissioner. These include several national mortgage servicers such as Bank of America, Citibank, JP Morgan Chase and Wells Fargo. Please check the following list of names as we DO NOT regulate these entities. Please follow the link to the primary regulator for that company/institution so that you may ask a question or file your complaint.

If you are having difficulty paying your mortgage, please contact the MD Hope Hotline at or visitMDHOPE. See our advisory “Attention Homeowners Facing Mortgage Difficulties” for more information and how to avoid being victimized by mortgage scams.

MORTGAGE ENTITIES THAT ARE NOT REGULATED BY the Maryland Office of the Commissioner of Financial Regulation

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Suing A Mortgage Lender With Donotpay Is Fast And Easy

Legal matters are stressful, expensive, and time-consuming. But does this mean you cannot seek legal assistance against a mortgage lender? DoNotPay will help you file your unresolved issues against any company faster and more conveniently.

Here is step-by-step guideline on how to file complaints against mortgage lenders:


Does filing a complaint with CFPB do anything? ›

Consistent with applicable law, we securely share complaints with other state and federal agencies to, among other things, facilitate: supervision activities, enforcement activities, and. monitor the market for consumer financial products and services.

How do I dispute a mortgage company? ›

If you are experiencing a problem with your mortgage company's services and contacting the company has not resolved it, file a complaint with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB). Examples of common mortgage complaints include: Applying for a mortgage. Receiving loan estimates and closing documents.

What is the most commonly reported complaint related to mortgage lending? ›

1. Poor communication. Poor communication, or a lack of responsiveness, is the most common complaint in the mortgage lending process. Both borrowers and referral partners, namely Realtors, want to know that the lines of communication are open when they have a question or need an update.

What federal agency oversees mortgage companies? ›

The FTC enforces laws that protect consumers from deceptive mortgage practices by certain kinds of lenders. The FTC also takes action when companies use illegal tactics directed to people facing foreclosure.

What type of complaints does the CFPB handle? ›

Of the more than 1 million complaints we've handled since 2011, the top five types of complaints reported by consumers from all 50 U.S. states and D.C. are: debt collection, mortgages, credit reporting, credit cards, and bank accounts or services.

Do banks take CFPB complaints seriously? ›

The complaints may be vague and unsupported but banks have to take them seriously, he said. If the CFPB decides to take an enforcement action based on complaints, legal costs for banks defending action can be tens of millions of dollars a month.

How do I write a letter of dispute to my mortgage company? ›

How do I dispute an error or request information about my...
  1. To include your name, home address, and mortgage account number. Use the name that is on your mortgage.
  2. To identify the error or information. ...
  3. Not to write your letter on your payment coupon or other payment form. ...
  4. To mail the letter to the right address.
Sep 9, 2020

How do I write a complaint letter to a mortgage company? ›

Describe the issue or the question you have and/or what action you believe the lender should take. Attach copies of any related written materials. Describe any conversations with customer service regarding the issue and to whom you spoke. Describe any previous steps you have taken or attempts to resolve the issue.

What happens if a mortgage company makes a mistake? ›

In response to a mortgage company notice of error, a lender must correct the error, provide notification of the correction, and give contact information so that a borrower can follow up. A loan provider has several options for responding, including: Correcting the error and confirming the correction with you in writing.

What are the examples of mortgage discrimination? ›

Examples of Lending Discrimination

Providing a different customer service experience to mortgage applicants depending on their race, color, religion, sex (including gender identity and sexual orientation), familial status, national origin or disability.

What is mortgage abuse? ›

Mortgage servicer abuse can happen in many ways. Misapplied payments or failure to apply payments to the right place. Charging unreasonable fees for allegedly late payments, supposedly necessary inspections, or unnecessary insurance.

What is an example of fair lending complaint? ›

For example, if a lender refuses to make a mortgage loan because of your race or ethnicity, or if a lender charges excessive fees to refinance your current mortgage loan based on your race or ethnicity, the lender is in violation of the federal Fair Housing Act.

Does the FTC regulate mortgage companies? ›

The FTC's authority covers for-profit entities such as mortgage companies, mortgage brokers, creditors, and debt collectors – but not banks, savings and loan institutions, and federal credit unions.

Does the CFPB regulate mortgage companies? ›

We have supervisory authority over banks, thrifts, and credit unions with assets over $10 billion, as well as their affiliates. In addition, we have supervisory authority over nonbank mortgage originators and servicers, payday lenders, and private student lenders of all sizes.

What is CFPB in mortgage? ›

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) is a 21st century agency that helps consumer finance markets work by making rules more effective, by consistently and fairly enforcing those rules, and by empowering consumers to take more control over their economic lives.

How effective is CFPB? ›

Here's a look at some of the CFPB's achievements, by the numbers: $17.5 billion – The amount of money the CFPB has put back in Americans' pockets in the form of monetary compensation, principal reductions, canceled debts, and other consumer relief resulting from CFPB enforcement and supervision work.

What can the CFPB do for me? ›

We protect consumers from unfair, deceptive, or abusive practices and take action against companies that break the law. We arm people with the information, steps, and tools that they need to make smart financial decisions.

Does the CFPB have any power? ›

We supervise a range of companies to assess their compliance with federal consumer financial laws. We have supervisory authority over banks, thrifts, and credit unions with assets over $10 billion, as well as their affiliates.

Does the CFPB have enforcement power? ›

The Bureau may enforce the law by filing an action in federal district court or by initiating an administrative adjudication proceeding. Administrative proceedings are conducted by an Administrative Law Judge, who holds hearings and issues a recommended decision.

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