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When You Grow Up Bulletin Board

SPRING Bulletin Board, preschool Ideas/Classroom Decoration Ideas

What do you want to be when you grow up is a fun question to pose to preschool students.

To make this board, print pictures of different community helpers. Attach them to the bulletin board and also attach a library pocket. Print small pictures of each child in your class and attach them to a craft stick.

To use, students choose their photo stick and place it in the pocket that corresponds to their answer. Students can talk with each other about their choices and explain their reasoning.

Learning objectives include: making a decision, oral language development, print concepts

Year Long Bulletin Boards

Another great bulletin board idea tip is to create a bulletin board that is useful all.year.long! This is especially helpful if you have a board that is in a hard-to-reach place. A teacher friend of mine had a very large bulletin board that was hung above the 4 foot tall cubby lockers in her classroom. To make changes a ladder was required, which would make anyone less than motivated to change it out frequently Once she started using this space for a year-long bulletin board, life got so much easier!

One of my favorite year-long bulletin board displays is for student birthdays. It is a great way to build classroom community and my students love to check who is having a birthday when we start a new month.

We also use the bulletin board at the beginning of each month to add class birthdays to our calendar and to make a birthday graph when we learn about graphing.

Some other year-long bulletin board ideas include a word or sound wall, a daily calendar, and classroom rules. To keep the classroom feeling fresh throughout the year, I limit the number of year-long bulletin boards, but just having one or two can end up saving you lots of time and headaches.

Student Centered Spring Bulletin Board

As winter fades and spring warmth embraces the classroom, decorate your bulletin board to match! Your bulletin board might be a place where your students get to be creative, too. Display their artwork! Even more so, students love to see their work displayed, they take a sense of pride in it. Furthermore, they also tend to try harder to make something look good if they know it will be displayed!

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Best Preschool Spring Bulletin Board Ideas

Not only are they educational and can contain important information your students have recently learned, but they can also be a great way to bring color and vibrancy to your classroom.

This can encourage and excite your students, allowing them to learn in a more fun and comfortable environment.

So, you will definitely want to decorate your bulletin boards with some fun ideas but finding inspiration for these fun ideas can be tricky.

Pick out some of your favorite ideas and see which one best suits your classroom and students!

Some Other Spring Classroom Must

Spring Bulletin Boards For Preschoolers - PreSchoolTalk.com (1)

Spring is the perfect time to decorate ALL aspects of your classroom, from the bulletin boards to the digital tools you use. These Morning Message Slides are a great way to welcome kids into the room and give them a positive note to start their day. Write anything you want on the slides, whether its important notes or a funny joke.

The also come with a timer option so you can track work time, centers or small groups. Add a list of materials and to-dos for the day and students know exactly what to expect. I love this slide because it helps students stay prepared for the day and gives them a time as a heads-up.

Of all the newsletters I have in my seasonal bundles, this set is my favorite because of the beautiful flowers! Something about the pastel colors invites spring in and gets the readers attention. The readers, of course, are parents and students! These fun spring newsletters are the perfect addition to your spring bulletin board and to send home to families. Add information about lessons, upcoming events, important reminders, and your contact information.

Find all of the resources mentioned in this post by clicking on the images below!

Looking for fun bulletin board ideas that build classroom community all year long? This Bulletin Board Bundle is full of seasonal bulletin board ideas that will last you the whole year!

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We Are Hungry For Knowledge

Cateterpillars are certainly popular when it comes to spring bulletin boards, be it to appreciate nature or Eric Carles the Hungry Caterpillar.

To make this one, use some of the brown packaging paper, wrinkled it up a bit to get the bark texture and stick it to the bulletin bard to make the branch.

Cut circles our of caterpillar colored construction paper (if you are decorating bulletin board often and cut cirles often I do recommend getting a circle cutter.

Ocean Stories Bulletin Board

Sometimes an open-ended center is exactly the springboard that young students need to think creatively and practice story-telling.

To make this board, cover the bottom half of the board with blue felt to resemble the ocean. Cut out fish and other ocean shapes from felt.

After reading a number of ocean books aloud to your students, invite them to retell the stories on the felt board. Encourage them to make new stories and work together.

Learning objectives include: oral language development, storytelling, reading comprehension

All of our favorite puppet and felt board sets are from Judy at ArtFelt.net. We love, love, love everything they make and know that you will too. The quality is amazing and the pieces are so versatile for story-telling, math, retelling, and interactive bulletin boards!

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Spring Bulletin Boards For Preschool

After the long winter, Spring bulletin boards are just what teachers and students need.

They can help brighten up the classroom and bring some of that sunshine inside.

There are many choices that you have for Spring bulletin boards. If you are pressed for time, perhaps you will want to create a general one that will stay up the whole season.

Or you may want to switch your bulletin board to reflect the changing holidays. For example, a St. Patrick’s Day bulletin board in March, an Easter bulletin board for April, and a Mother’s Day bulletin board for May. Find other great ideas and inspiration for Spring bulletin boards below!

General Spring Bulletin Boards

These bulletin board ideas could stay up the whole season, in case you don’t have time or energy to change them monthly!

Spring Into A Good Book

  • Make a color copy of the cover of some popular children’s books .
  • Attach a large picture of an umbrella on a blue background.
  • Hang the pictures of the covers around the board, as though they are raindrops coming down.
  • Your preschoolers will love discussing which books they had read, which ones they own, and which ones they want to read next!

    Spring Fun

    submitted by Roxann Brown from Mullen, NE, USA

  • Purchase a pair of rain boots for each child
  • Use real pants.
  • Make rain coats from paper.
  • Enlarge photos of each child’s head.
  • Create umbrellas from craft foam. Add handles to the umbrellas.
  • Spring Scene

  • Cover the board with blue paper for the sky and green paper for the grass.
  • Spring Bulletin Board Ideas That Make Your Classroom Blossom

    SPRING Bulletin Board , Ideas For Preschool/Classroom Decoration Ideas

  • 27 Spring Bulletin Board Ideas That Make Your Classroom Blossom
  • As frosty winter goes away, let us decorate for springtime fun. It will be easy to do with a bit of preparation and some inspiration getting your classroom ready for spring will be almost effortless.

    Here you will find plenty of perfect spring bulletin board ideas for almost learning environment: preschool, kindergarten, and middle school.

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    Mothers Day Spring Bulletin Board

    Mothers are not appreciated enough in our society. Specifically, sometimes we let them know we are thankful, and sometimes we forget until its Mothers Day. Above all, we should encourage our students to celebrate their mothers during the month of May.

    You can personalize your spring bulletin board with photos or drawings provided by the students of their mothers. Send them home on Mothers Day so your students have a gift for their mother. Another idea for a Mothers Day bulletin board is to make handprint flowers. Most importantly, each student gets to use their own handprint to make their own flower that can live on your bulletin board for a while and then be sent home for Mothers Day.

    Idea #: April Showers Bring May Flowers Bulletin Board

    When you think spring, a flower bulletin board probably comes to mind. This spring bulletin board leaves room for multiple art projects, making it a great way to display your craft ideas! Raindrops, flowers, and umbrellas are easy for students to make. This spring bulletin board idea is also a great lesson in what happens after all the rain. If you are looking for spring crafts, there are endless ways to make paper flowers.

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    Spring Bulletin Board Ideas For Your Classroom

    Oh how we love these amazing spring bulletin board ideas for teachers to decorate their classrooms!

    You will find lots of ideas and they are perfect for nursery, preschool, kindergarten and middle school.

    *this post contains affiliate links*

    Some of the bulletin board ideas are meant to be made by teachers while others are a class project, where you have your students help you with the decorations. All of these will look amazing in your homeschool classroom too! Happy decorating.

    Colors Of Fall Bulletin Board

    Spring Bulletin Boards For Preschoolers - PreSchoolTalk.com (2)

    Sorting objects by their attributes is an essential preschool math skill. Try this color sorting activity during Autumn when nature shows a rainbow of colors!

    To make this board, cut out tree trunk shapes from brown construction paper. Then, get 5 pieces of thin craft felt in traditional fall colors. Cut the felt into cloud-like tree shapes. Staple the trees to the bulletin board. Label the trees with color words . Either create felt-shaped leaves or purchase a pack of felt leaves.

    To use this board, students pick a leaf out of the basket and attach it to the matching tree. No velcro or other adhesives are necessary because felt will stick to felt.

    Learning objectives include:color identification, sorting, early sight word recognition

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    Idea #: Tree Of Life Bulletin Board

    This 3D bulletin board really pops! Its not your typical flower board for the spring and would make for lovely classroom decor. Get ready to DIY with the tree trunk. Brown paper bags would work well if you dont have craft paper. Create a butterfly template and let your students help cut them out. This is a great spring bulletin board idea for middle school students.

    Instagram @crafty_teacher_display

    Spring Bulletin Boards To Brighten Your Classroom

    Celebrate spring and all it brings!

    Spring begins on March 20, and what better way to celebrate growth and new beginnings than with a new bulletin board! There are so many fun ways to bring the season to your spring bulletin boards.

    Want the cheeriest of spring bulletin boards? Here are some basic supplies to get you started. Then check out the list of 20 bulletin boards and doors below for inspiration.

    • Accessories: Spring scrapbook paper | Pinwheels | Tissue paper

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    Nursery Rhyme Bulletin Board

    Hickory Dickory Dock. The mouse ran up the clock. The clock struck one. The mouse ran down. Hickory Dickory Dock!

    Get creative and make this board out of construction paper! The clock pictured below is pieces of brown construction paper stapled together to make a big grandfather clock. Cut out small mouse shapes or print mouse pictures. Label them with the numbers 1-12.

    To use, students choose a mouse from the mouse box. They identify the number on the mouse and ring the bell to match that number. Then they attach the mouse to the corresponding hour on the clock. Continue until all of the mice have been counted.

    Learning objectives include: number recognition, counting to 12, introduction to telling time/measurement, rhyming practice, oral language development

    to read more of how to make and use this board with your students.

    Learning objectives include: shape identification, sorting, language development

    Have you created an amazing interactive bulletin board to use with your preschool students?! We would love to see it! Please post a picture on our .

    Spring Art & Crafts Bulletin Boards And Poems

    SPRING Bulletin Board for Classroom Decoration

    SPRING HAS SPRUNG! Officially at least! I know that you appreciate when I dig around here and pull lots of similar themed images into one RoundUP! With the rough winter encountered by so many, I know that these bright and colorful images will bring you hope for the season of growth ahead. I’ve included spring anchor charts and bulletin boards, science fun and all sorts of arts & crafts projects! ENJOY!These are photos I’ve taken from across the country during my Author-Illustrator school visits. I’ve included some of my all time ‘favorites’ today! Rainbows and butterflies! Spring and metamorphosis! Guaranteed to make you smile! I’d be so appreciative if you’d pin your favorites!!! }} Let’s start with this collaborative handprint bulletin board! Nothing says spring like a blooming handprint painted in neon bright colors! Get your whole class involved!!You simply *MUST* go back in time to see how I directed a group of VPK kiddos to create this collaborative ‘sculpture’ for our Earth Day celebration together.

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    Learning Colors Through The Rainbow

    Due to the instability with spring weather, a great phenomenon often seen during springtime are rainbows!

    You can turn your bulletin board into a giant rainbow with lots of colors and accurately label them so your preschoolers can learn about colors.

    You can include in each color other things that also share the same color. For example, you can include a picture of the sun for the yellow section, or grass for the green section or ladybugs in the red section.

    This will make your students think more about colors, recognize them and be able to name them more easily.

    Best Spring Bulletin Boards

    Here are some pictures of the best spring boards I have seen around the web. So many unique options to really brighten up the classroom!

    I love, love, love how this looks like a dandelion, but is made from student hands! The best part is that the more creative and colorful their hand designs are, the more spectacular the final result!

    Making paper chains never gets old. Make your very own colorful rainbow with simple strips of construction paper for an awesome 3-D effect.

    These tissue paper umbrellas are adorable! Talk about personalizing a learning space!

    Earth Day is also right around the corner and this bulletin board with the recycled newspaper bulletin board background and tissue paper globe is a wonderful example of how simple boards are sometimes the best.

    Want to encourage more reading? Grab copies of your favorite grade level appropriate books and you have an easy bulletin board perfect for a school library too!

    No bulletin board space? No problem! This gorgeous door decor does double duty!

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    St Patricks Day Designs

    Soon, students will enter the classroom wearing as much green as possible! With March 17th just around the corner, it is the perfect time to update the classroom decor. With these Bulletin Board Templates, teachers will find various options to liven up their bulletin board display.

    Within the purchase, there are several fun ideas for decorating the classroom with St. Patricks Day saying. Thus, there are several March bulletin board options.

  • A Lucky Vibes Poster
  • The Luckiest Teacher
  • Green Looks Good on You
  • Each bulletin board includes festive elements to brighten up the hallway or classroom. Each board has the color green and key symbols of St. Patricks Day, such as rainbows and pots of gold. There are even 24 posters, two borders, and a lucky vibes banner. Students will love the festive decorations!

    Its Raining Ten Math Number Decomposition Resource And Craft

    Spring Bulletin Boards For Preschoolers - PreSchoolTalk.com (3)

    Its Raining Ten. Hallelujah, Its Raining Ten! Sorry, I couldnt resist teacher humor! This rainy day April activity is perfect for teaching number decomposition. Its aligned with the Common Core Standard of making a ten. Students may use any combination to compose ten and write a matching equation.

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    Types Of Classroom Bulletin Boards

    Here are the 4 most common types of boards.

    The first type is simply for decoration. Perhaps you are teaching with themes and your preschoolers are fascinated with transportation. You might create a bulletin board that shows the different modes of transportation that you are talking about during your theme.

    Display Bulletin Boards

    The second type of bulletin board is for showcasing children’s art and creations. You might utilize this one the most in a classroom. The students often create such beautiful works of art that you can’t help but display them somewhere!

    This kind of board is useful for a couple of reasons.

    1.It allows the children to see their work and gain self-esteem and pride at a job well done.

    2.It allows parents to see what has been going on in your classroom. And thirdly, it creates an environment where children feel they are part of a community.

    However, you don’t need an official bulletin board for this! Choose a space on your wall for the children to hang their work!

    Interactive Bulletin Boards

    The last type is called an interactive bulletin board. Teachers may want to create an activity in a center but they don’t have the space on the floor or table. An interactive bulletin board solves the space problem .

    One example of this type of bulletin board is an alphabet matching board. All the letters are on the board with a small envelope underneath them. The children take a letter and put it in the envelope under the correct matching letter.

    Insights, advice, suggestions, feedback and comments from experts

    I am an expert and enthusiast. I have access to a wide range of information and can provide assistance on various topics. Now, let's dive into the concepts mentioned in this article.

    Bulletin Boards for Preschoolers:

    The article discusses different ideas for bulletin boards in a preschool classroom. It suggests creating a bulletin board where students can choose pictures of different community helpers and place their own photo stick in the corresponding pocket to represent their career choice. This activity helps develop decision-making skills and oral language development [[1]].

    Another idea mentioned is to create a year-long bulletin board that can be used for various purposes. For example, a bulletin board for student birthdays can help build classroom community, and it can also be used to add class birthdays to the calendar and create a birthday graph when learning about graphing. Other year-long bulletin board ideas include a word or sound wall, a daily calendar, and classroom rules [[2]].

    The article also suggests creating a spring-themed bulletin board where students can display their artwork. This not only adds color and vibrancy to the classroom but also encourages students to take pride in their work and try harder to make it look good. It can also serve as a way for students to express their creativity [[3]].

    Spring Bulletin Boards:

    The article provides several ideas for spring-themed bulletin boards. One idea is to create a bulletin board that represents the changing seasons by using different colors of paper for the sky and grass. This can help create a visually appealing spring scene in the classroom [[4]].

    Another idea is to create a bulletin board with a tree trunk made from brown paper and cloud-like tree shapes made from felt. Students can then retell stories about the ocean using fish and other ocean shapes cut out from felt [[5]].

    The article also mentions using bulletin boards to celebrate Mother's Day. One idea is to personalize the bulletin board with photos or drawings of students' mothers. Another idea is to make handprint flowers using students' handprints, which can be displayed on the bulletin board and then sent home as a gift for Mother's Day [[6]].

    Interactive Bulletin Boards:

    The article briefly mentions interactive bulletin boards, which are bulletin boards that serve as an activity center. One example given is an alphabet matching board, where students can take letters and place them in envelopes under the correct matching letter. This type of bulletin board provides a hands-on learning experience for students [[7]].

    I hope this information helps you understand the concepts mentioned in the article about bulletin boards for preschoolers and spring-themed bulletin boards. If you have any more questions or need further assistance, feel free to ask!

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