Top 20 Movies So Bad They Were Pulled From Theatres (2023)


Cinematic dumpster fires are unfortunately a common thing. For this list, we’re looking at films that bombed so badly and suffered such negative word of mouth that studios either pulled them early, or a significant portion of theaters stopped showing them. Our countdown includes "Alone in the Dark", "From Justin to Kelly", "Mortdecai" and much more! Which of these films were you able to see before they pulled the plug? Let us know in the comments below!

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You don't look anything like you do on the news yeah, you look downright robust, well, I have good days in bed.

Pilates helps welcome to watch Mojo and today we're counting down our picks for the top 20 movies, so bad they were pulled from theaters I'm worried about what's gonna happen to you.

I wish I know for this list, we're looking at films that bombed so badly and suffered such negative word of mouth, that Studios either pulled them early or a significant portion of theaters stopped showing them which of these films were you able to see before they pulled the plug? Let us know in the comments below number 20.

Honky Tonk freeway, with a title like that the writing was on the wall.

For this one long before the name was on the Marquee, then again, a film that was allegedly financed as part of a tax evasion scheme isn't likely to be overly concerned with Integrity.

Is it I? Don't know if that's what I really want out of life? At the time of its release? Variety described the flop of a film as devoid of any basic humorous appeal, which, for an ensemble comedy film, Is, Not Great against a then massive budget for a comedy film of 24 million dollars.

It made a poultry two million dollars and change, leading it to being pulled from theaters.

After a single week, yikes Honky Tonk freeway get off on it.

Number 19.

paranoia roll call, Harrison, Ford, Gary, Oldman, Liam, Hemsworth and Amber Heard you'd think this film had something but theaters and audiences felt differently.

This not so thrilling Thriller about corporate Espionage was critically derided, as painfully unoriginal had just plain boring by week, 3 it had dropped from 2459 theaters to just 392 for Hit or Miss director Robert luketik, who has given us such gems as Legally, Blonde and misfires like win a date with Tad Hamilton.

This fell squarely within the latter category.

It did so poorly that American distributor, relatively media, reportedly fired its head of marketing one week after the film's release.

Okay, I think it's time for you to go number 18.

alone in the dark.

Few names send a shutter down a Critic spine, quite like UVA bow, and it's not because he's an effective horror director no UVA bowl is a filmmaker whose work is so despised that a petition for him to retire reached over 350 000 signatures alone in the dark was his second Loosely based video game adaptation to infuriate fans following House of the Dead, while the latter managed to make back its budget.

This critically reviled film considered among the worst ever made only made 10 million dollars against a 20 million dollar budget and was pulled from theaters after three weeks.

I, don't believe it number 17 from Justin to Kelly.

The first season of American Idol may have been a game-changing moment in pop culture history, but that doesn't mean that its final two had the chops to carry a film to box office.

Success sure about this, oh yeah, it won't hurt me a bit.

Justin and Kelly may have gone to Hollywood, but should they have considered one of the worst movies of all time? Their film earns just 4.9 million dollars against a budget of 12 million.

Given the massive success of American Idol making, so little was a truly remarkable feat.

After debuting in 1969 Cinemas by week, three, it had suffered an impressive 96.2 percent drop to just 108 theaters number 16.

Live by Night, the one-two punch of Ben Affleck starring in a Ben Affleck directed movie, has given us the critical Darlings and box office successes.

The town and Argo live by night was based on a novel by Dennis lehane, the same writer whose work served as the basis for Ben's 2007 critical hit gone baby gone.

So all things considered in theory, it had the markings of a hit film.

In practice, however, it proved to be one of the biggest box office, flops of Ben's career as an actor or director and the single worst third week theater drop in cinematic history with 2659 theaters pulling out.

We had a good thing going here and you [ __ ] it all up in one day number 15 morbius.

If you saw the hashtag morbius sweep back when this film came out in April of 2022, some people might have you convinced it was the most financially and critically successful movie of all time, I've become something different.

I feel a kinship with these creatures.

That, of course, couldn't be further from the truth.

Morbius actually did well at the box office on his first day, but quickly plummeted, resulting in the worst earnings of any tentpole superhero movie.

It's a curse.

It quickly took on a life of its own online, however inspiring a bunch of hilarious memes.

This is when Sony decide.

It was Morven time to put the movie back in theaters, where they'd cash in on all of the laughs right I could ask you to stop if you like, but it's out of a misery wrong.

The movie did only 85k on its day of re-release and was then pulled permanently.

You know what I say: it's cute to remember, whiskey, to forget number 14.

glitter, unless it's starring Eminem very few people want to see a musical artist play a character.

That's pretty much just themselves in a blatant vanity project.

Mariah Carey has tried to blame this film's failure on the fact it was released on 9 11, even though it was actually released on the much less traumatic 921, but the fact that critics and fans alike loathe the film seems a more likely explanation.

By week, 2 many of the 1202 theaters had pulled out after just 27 days in theaters.

It closed having earned back only a quarter of its 2 22 million dollar budget All That Glitters.

Clearly, ain't box office gold at the end of the day.

It is all about you right number, 13., postal, UVA, Bowl strikes again.

We've discussed the petition, but were you aware of the whole boxing thing? Uva Bowl got so sick of the critics tearing apart his films that he challenged them to an actual fist fight and a few accepted, and you know it's a really really hate me and I said: okay, guys, let's go in the ring and let's have a boxing match together.

Uva Bowl actually boxed five of his biggest critics, though he won all five matches.

This 2007 action comedy another video game.

Inspired Fleck saw Bowl get ko'd at the box office, though A 1, 500 screen release had been arranged, Distributors pulled out before it even hit theaters and in the end it was only shown in a measly 21 locations.

I regret nothing number 12., It's, Pat I know let's go to the Burger bag and get some fries.

Snl has transitioned a number of its sketches to the big screen over the years with varying results.

They rarely receive positive reviews, but often perform reasonably well at the box office and develop cult-like followings of fans.

No other film in the history of Saturday Night Live, however, has failed.

Quite as spectacularly as this 1994 train wreck.

There was so little faith in Pat's performance at the box office that it only opened in 33 theaters, and even then it was pulled after opening weekend having scraped together, a minuscule 60 822 dollars.

Number 11., Mordecai I had no idea.

I was so deep in Her, Majesty's, whole Remember, When, Johnny, Depp's name alone, was more than enough to guarantee a movie's Financial Security, oh, how the mighty have fallen.

It was clear that Depp's star power had dwindled when he appeared in this flop from director David kep.

It made me feel dirty.

The R-rated crime keeper comedy received scathing reviews and made less than five million dollars on its opening weekend, despite also starring Gwyneth Paltrow, Ewan, McGregor and Jeff Goldblum in its third weekend, Lionsgate pulled it from almost 2 400 Theaters.

As such, the film remains one of the most embarrassing blemishes on Depp's career.

It's unbearable number, 10., Swept Away.

What have you done to me? Madonna is an incredible star, but she hasn't really made the best choices throughout her film career.

Not only is this remake of the 1974 Italian film, a poor use of the Queen of Pop, it's also a poor use of her then-husband director Guy Ritchie.

If you love me, you can love me anywhere.

I want to know his Venture into rom-com territory proved fruitless, as critics declared the film a disaster resulting in a five percent rating on Rotten Tomatoes, initially released to only 196 screens for two weeks and leaving Cinemas at only 59.

The film barely made less than six hundred thousand dollars domestically during its run.

Where is God when you need him number nine Seeking Justice.

Nobody said anything in the agreement about killing anybody so get the hell out of my life.

It often seems like Nicholas Cage is willing to take almost any role.

That comes his way with a couple exceptions.

Most of them have been unremarkable, but none more than this 2011 action thriller.

It received the typical critical reception you'd expect from a run-of-the-mill cage-fronted action movie, meaning a 27 rating on Rotten, Tomatoes, I, I, really don't know what you're talking about as bad as its critical failure was.

Its commercial failure was even worse over the course of three weeks it dropped from just over 200 theaters to eight theaters, making less than five hundred thousand dollars in the U.S.

Unfortunately, cage didn't learn from this experience, as he found himself facing a similar situation.

The next year, with the film stolen God number eight Max, Steel you're, not Jim, McGrath's son.

Are you no big Stars based off a series of toys, a zero percent rating on Rotten Tomatoes? It's like this movie was tailor-made for this list, based on the Mattel toys and animated series of the same name.

Open road films was probably expecting a franchise starter with this high-tech superhero, but had their hopes dashed when the film was met, with a critical beat down, making only 2.2 million dollars on its first weekend, far below even the lowest expectations.

Why am I telling you this because I'm here for you Max after being in release for three weeks, the movie was pulled from its theaters solidifying, its positions as one of the biggest bombs of 2016.

I, can't believe I'm doing this number seven Mr Magoo there he is there most of the movies on this list are here just because they were critical and Commercial bombs.

While this live-action adaptation of the Beloved cartoon was definitely both of those things it got pulled because of outcry from a very specific group, despite the disclaimer.

At the end that stated, Leslie Nielsen's, bumbling betrayal of the near-sighted Title Character was not meant to be an accurate depiction.

Disney was forced to pull the film from theaters after two weeks due to protests and outcries from blind and near-sighted groups.

Aren't you a Site for Sore Eyes, the British Federation of the blind, even petitioned to ban the film's UK release, as it would bring ridicule upon blind and partially sighted people.

The ugliest child I've ever seen: number six delgo At Your Service, starring, Freddie, Prinze, Jr and Anne Bancroft in her last role, this computer animated feature cost 40 million dollars to make Dalgo received a critical beating for mostly being a poor Retreat of better fantasy films and was released during a holiday season that had many Superior cinematic offerings for families.

Because of this delgo set a record.

Nobody wanted to earn it had the worst opening for a film playing in over 2 000 theaters at the time and is the lowest grossing computer animated film of all time, making less than one million dollars and was quickly forgotten about leaving theaters after a mere week number five Gem and the Holograms.

How do I look please foreign? Truly.


This film was based on the animated series about Gem and her bands, the Holograms, but failed to capture the spirit of its source material.

Because of this and poor reviews, The Musical Adventure earned the distinction of having the worst wide box office, opening of 2015 and the fourth worst ever for a film playing in over 2000 theaters you're internet famous, that's like the second best thing to being actually famous, then in an unprecedented move.

Universal pulls the film from its still wide release.

Two weeks after it opened something that had never been done for a film released on this level.

It ended with 2.3 million dollars and the Broken Hearts of many children of the 80s.

Do you think this? Is it number four, the Garbage Pail Kids movie? We need a plan audiences.

This film falls into this, so bad, it's good category, not the New York Times, though, who called it too repulsive for children or adults of any age.

Nobody was going to see this movie when it was released, resulting in an opening weekend where it only made 661 thousand dollars.

What's the matter, my tummy hurts.

What did you eat everything most likely sensing that having this cinematic abomination in theaters for a prolonged amount of time would only cause pain to moviegoers the studio pulled it from Cinemas, but the damage had been done.

In its short run, the movie made 1.6 million dollars and subjected an entire generation of families to an hour and a half of unfunny gross out humor.

Well, perhaps it would have been safer to lock them away from the world number three Gili.

Oh tell me what we're supposed to do.

The early 2000s romance between Ben, Affleck and Jennifer Lopez was Buzzy enough to keep the Tabloid industry afloat for a few years, but could their love affair successfully translate to the Silver Screen? The short answer is no.

The long answer is this: 75 million dollar rom-com tanked harder than any other movie in 2003., oh and in case you're interested my life sucks in its second weekend, Julie dropped by nearly 82 percent and by the third.

Only 73 theaters in the U.S were showing it an unprecedented flop for such a big budget film, in addition to being withdrawn from U.S Cinemas, it was dropped by nearly every theater in the UK after its critical destruction.

I don't find this funny number two black hat you kidding me this film not only had the star power of Chris Hemsworth and Viola Davis, but the legendary Michael Mann also directed it.

However, it was saddled with a January release alongside the wide release of the Juggernaut that was American Sniper plus the reviews were mostly mixed because of this, the 70 million dollar film earned a mere 4.4 million dollars on its opening weekend, one of the worst debuts ever for a wide release.

You still gonna like me if I'm fixing garage door openers after only two weeks, Universal pulled the film from all but 236 theaters down from its widest release of over 2 500.

To add insult to injury, it was also scrapped for theatrical release in Belgium and Hemsworth's native Australia I'm.

Sorry for what happened to you, oh yeah, don't be before we continue be sure to subscribe to our Channel and ring the bell to get notified about our latest videos.

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If you're on your phone, make sure you go into your settings and switch on notifications number one United passions who could have predicted that a film about FIFA Executives wouldn't attract an audience.

Everyone apart from FIFA Executives, apparently the movie which focuses on the founding of FIFA, was largely funded by FIFA and saw its U.S release overlap with the massive 2015 FIFA corruption.


Are you bad? You couldn't write a more ironic, real world premise.

If you tried an abysmal, theatrical run, saw the film make a laughable 918 dollars in the US and somewhere between 100 000 and 200 000 internationally against a reported estimated budget of 29 million dollars.

Unsurprisingly, it was pulled from most markets in a matter of days, I'm afraid that we have disappointed you did you enjoy this video check out these other clips from WatchMojo and be sure to subscribe and ring the bell to be notified about our latest videos.


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Is there a movie called very bad things? ›

Very Bad Things is a 1998 American black comedy film written and directed by Peter Berg in his feature film directorial debut and starring Cameron Diaz, Jon Favreau, Daniel Stern, Jeremy Piven, Christian Slater, Leland Orser, Kobe Tai and Jeanne Tripplehorn.

What is the most positive rated movie? ›

A number of these films also appear on the AFI's 100 Years... 100 Movies lists, but there are many others and several entries with dozens of positive reviews, which are considered surprising to some experts. To date, Leave No Trace holds the site's record, with a rating of 100% and 252 positive reviews.

What does so bad its good mean? ›

So Bad It's Good refers to a work that is so remarkably bad that you find yourself surprised, mystified, or hypnotized by the staggering depth of its inadequacy. It is not merely a failure; it's a compelling failure.

What movies got banned for being too disturbing? ›

These horror films were all battlegrounds for censorship, deemed too disturbing for viewers...but they managed to find their audiences anyway.
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  • Traces of Death.
Mar 7, 2023

What are disturbing movies called? ›

Article Talk. Extreme cinema is a subgenre used for films distinguished by its use of excessive sex and violence, and such various extreme nature as mutilation and torture.

What is the number one movie of all time? ›

With a worldwide box-office gross of over $2.9 billion, Avatar is proclaimed to be the "highest-grossing" film, but such claims usually refer to theatrical revenues only and do not take into account home video and television income, which can form a significant portion of a film's earnings.

What is the best movie according to Rotten Tomatoes? ›

Best Movies With a 100% Rotten Tomatoes Score
  • 8 Singin' in the Rain (1952)
  • 7 How the Grinch Stole Christmas! (1966)
  • 6 The Last Picture Show (1971)
  • 5 The Terminator (1984)
  • 4 Pinocchio (1940)
  • 3 Before Sunrise (1995)
  • 2 Toy Story 2 (1999)
  • 1 The Grapes of Wrath (1940)
May 21, 2023

Which movie has the darkest ending? ›

10 Darkest Movie Endings
  • 5 Hereditary's Ending Is Distressing And Dark.
  • 6 Invasion Of The Body Snatchers' Final Moments Leave No Room For Hope. ...
  • 7 The Witch Sees Evil Win In The End. ...
  • 8 Soylent Green's Iconic Twist Turns The Stomach. ...
  • 9 Oldboy's Conclusion Is Famously Dark. ...
  • 10 Shutter Island Concludes On A Haunting Thought. ...
Feb 11, 2023

What movie has the greatest ending? ›

10 Most Satisfying Movie Endings of All Time, According to Reddit
  1. 1 'The Truman Show' (1998)
  2. 2 'There Will Be Blood' (2007) ...
  3. 3 'Memento' (2000) ...
  4. 4 'Heat' (1995) ...
  5. 5 'Whiplash' (2014) ...
  6. 6 'The Usual Suspects' (1995) ...
  7. 7 'Arrival' (2016) ...
  8. 8 'The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly' (1966) ...
May 8, 2023

What does so so bad mean? ›

: neither very good nor very bad : middling. a so-so performance.

What does this is so bad mean? ›

1 not good; of poor quality; inadequate; inferior.

What does the slang I'm good mean? ›

Phrase. I'm good. (chiefly US, informal) No, thank you: used when asked whether one wants or needs something, etc.

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